Advertising Campaign for Kangaroos Shoes


Advertising Campaign for Kangaroos Shoes

Walhalla created a new spring campaign for Kangaroos Shoes in Switzerland. For the campaign, we were challenged to work around the theme of “Know your Customer”. We started to interview people to learn about their habits and better understand their needs in regard to athletic footwear. We developed a concept that shows people in their own home, and to emphasize the moment we used a Polaroid film technique.

Kangaroos Shoes is a global lifestyle brand selling footwear in over 60 countries. In 1979, American architect and running enthusiast Robert “Bob” Gamm developed a pair of training shoes with a small zippered pocket, which is now an iconic characteristic of Kangaroos shoes.

Client Kangaroos Shoes / Date #1998 / Category #Graphics / Design Studio  #Walhalla / Designers Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat / Photographer Fotosolar / Consultants Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat

Design Direction Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat @Walhalla

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