AMAG Sustainability Report

AMAG Sustainability Report

2022 Report following GRI Standards

With the publication of its second sustainability report, the AMAG Group is sending a clear signal of its commitment to sustainable mobility. We took over the planning of the report, developed the content and design concept and implemented it together with the sustainability specialists of the AMAG Group. In addition to the printed edition, we designed a dedicated landing page to make the report digitally accessible.

The “we’re moving forward” reporting concept not only provides management and employees with a platform for transparent insights into the sustainability practiced by the AMAG Group, but also shows in concrete terms how the company is committed to the environment, employees, customers and society as a whole in the three dimensions of sustainability. Background reports illustrate the ambitious goals, the milestones already achieved, and AMAG’s investments in sustainable mobility solutions.

The structured and visually differentiated presentation of sustainability facts and figures in accordance with the GRI standard takes into account the different reading needs of the stakeholder groups. The report is published in four languages and integrates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Following the principle “Sustainable production planning begins with creation,” we have carefully developed the print edition in terms of format, design, printing technology and finishing to ensure responsible use of resources. In addition to the printed edition, we have digitized the sustainability report, opening up new opportunities for transparent communication and diverse report content.

Client #AMAG / Date #2023 / Category #Editorial / Branding Agency #Heads / Designers Marco Simonetti, Roman von Arx / Photographers Nicolas Bruni, Simon Iannelli, Serhat Beyazkaya, Microlino, ThisisEngineering RAEng, Studio Republic / Consultants Dominique Banschbach, Natascha Almeida, Ralph Hermann / Text Felix Müller

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Heads Corporate Branding

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