Book for University of Fribourg

Universität Freiburg

End of Life in Prison

Book for University of Fribourg

We worked closely with the researchers that were engaged in research on the end of life in prison. After the fieldwork, empirical work, and data collection was concluded, which included participant observation and analysis of inmate files and interviews with inmates and prison staff, we supported the researchers by designing an intuitive basic layout and developing a book cover concept.

People deprived of their liberty cannot freely decide how and where they die. The issue of dignified dying in prison requires special attention. On the basis of a research project, the book presents the perspectives of the various participants: experiences, questions, needs, fears and visions of prisoners, employees, and authorities are illustrated using material from interviews and observations. The various stages until the end of life and death are shown and commented from the perspective of the researchers (end-of-life in prison, prisoners, institutions, authorities; Dr. Ueli Hostettler, Domain of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, University of Fribourg; Irene Marti, MA Social Anthropologist; PD Dr. Marina Richter, Domain of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, University of Fribourg; Stämpfli Verlag AG, Bern.

Client University of Fribourg / Date #2016 / Category #Editorial / Design Studio #MarcoMario / Designer Marco Simonetti / Photographer Andreas Hofer

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @MarcoMario

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