Branding for Bubmag

Bubmag Magazine

Branding for Bubmag Magazine

We created a brand system for Bubmag Magazine that connects the analogue and the digital and uses technology as a new way of conveying information. This symbol focuses both the interaction of information, from the importance of images and aggregated information through the capability to allow for various perspectives. The circular elements of the new brand symbol articulates how strongly certain aspects of the information society can influence our perception. It visualizes the experience of algorithmic-based reality and a distorted world view as a consequence of echo chambers or filter bubbles. We also developed an appropriate name for Bubmag, as it is derived from “bubble” and “magazine”. QR Codes are an integrated part of the design and play an important role in connecting the offline and online world. We also created a curated editorial imagery concept that reflects the current topics regarding politics, society, and culture. This project was created at ZHdK in Zurich as a part of the CAS Design Technologies Study.

Client  #Bubmag / Date #2019 / Category #Branding #Exhibitions / Design Studio #Soulengineer / Designer Marco Simonetti / Photographers Alex_Ishchenko, cheekylorns2, 360ber, magix, czuber, yanukit (Depositphotos), Stocktrek Images (Alamy Stock Photo) / Consultant Marco Simonetti

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Soulengineer

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