Bubble Magazine

Bubble Magazine

Pop your filter bubble

This magazine is an experimental editorial concept that utilizes QR codes for encoding data instead of displaying text or links. Scanning the QR code through a smartphone triggers a predefined search request at search engines. The content accompanying the photo is generated by personalized search results from search engine algorithms based on the information about the user, such as search history, click behavior, and location. That means that content may vary from user to user.

The result is a filter bubble effect, a state of intellectual isolation, that occurs when search engines selectively assume what information a user expects to see. The algorithm generates tailored information and users become separated from undesirable information, isolating them in their own cultural and ideological bubble. The implication of the filter bubble may have a negative impact for civic discourse according to Eli Pariser (Internet activist, 2010). This phenomenon has called into question the impact of a filter bubble on user exposure to fake news, echo chambers, and astroturfing. Many concerns have attributed this to the fact that the phenomenon may harm democracy. (Wikipedia: CC BY SA 3.0)

Client Bubble / Date #2018 / Category #Editorial / Design Studio #Soulengineer / Designer Marco Simonetti  / Photographers AlexGukBo,nikkytok, GUDKOVANDREY, proxodimec, frizio, vampy1, Anton_Petrus, actionsports, pkproject, Mirage3, alfribeiro, m.iacobucci.tiscali.it, sergasx, JJFarquitectos, keleny, genious2000de, wjarek, pal2iyawit, guynamedjames, MaykovNikita, Johann, bettorodrigues, cookelma, pio3, palinchak, 1000Words, lucidwaters, SherryVSmith, cozyta, jag_cz, Lazyllama, AnjoKanFotografie,  jackq, Alex_Ishchenko, liorpt, loes.kieboom, cheekylorns2, Nyker, Imagix, dimaberkut, razvanphoto, lucidwaters, scanrail, homank76, ikurucan, radekprocyk, elenarostunova, maxoidos, bbc001_clashot, BalkansCat, Foto-VDW, Vietbox (Depositphotos.com) / Consultant Marco Simonetti

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Soulengineer

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