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Global Employer Branding for Comet Group

For 75 years, Comet has been successfully developing innovative high-tech components and systems in the field of X-ray and radio frequency technology. From Flamatt (CH) to San Jose (USA) to Shanghai (CHN) and beyond, the company now has 12 locations around the world looking for qualified employees. As a result of the pandemic, the shortage of skilled workers has become even more acute for Comet. The Comet Group has to compete with the strongest employer brands in the highly competitive technology market.

For the Comet Group, a leading global Swiss technology company, we created an employer brand with global relevance, differentiation and an authentic connection to the brand identity. The strategic starting point was a comprehensive global analysis process. “Curiosity” is the key differentiator in the employer market. Comet employees on all continents are united by their strong curiosity and joy of discovery. This is already part of the brand DNA and is reflected in the claim: “Led by experience. Driven by curiosity.

From the EVP, we developed a recruiting campaign that challenged talent: “We’re curious. Are you?” The message is supported by a new visual tonality that shows curious people making observations. The campaign design takes into account regional differences in the perception of curiosity. With its different visuals, the campaign will be used at a variety of touch points – on the career website, in social media profiles, and at trade show booths. The LinkedIn campaign will engage both young professionals and professionals.

Client Comet Group / Date #2023 / Category #Branding / Branding Agency #Heads / Designers Marco Simonetti, Ademi Sherif, Noah Baumann, Dominique Kaiser, Roman von Arx / Photographers Aleksandar Nakic, bbq, Saven Komasha / Consultants Simone Raubach, Ralph Hermann, Sina Frank

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Heads Corporate Branding

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