Design Concept for Loft


Design Concept for Loft

Located in the heart of the city of Lausanne, the Loft Club boasted a reputation comparable to that of the most prestigious clubs in major European cities. The Loft evenings contributed to this craze and a thought-out program was arranged with the objective of offering the quintessence of the electro scene.

We collaborated with Loft to create a monthly campaign concept that included a program leaflet and promotional materials. Each month we designed different and personalized visuals depending on the defined lineup. The visitors received a CD cardboard box containing the program leaflet with all required information every month.

Client Loft Club / Date #1996 / Category #Graphics #Exhibitions #Publications / Design Studio #Walhalla / Designers Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat, Walter Stähli  / 3D Designers Marco Simonetti, Walter Stähli  / Photographers Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat, Walter Stähli, MOS / Consultants Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat / Exhibition Stufenbau Bern / Publication Type No Borders, No Boundaries, No Limits (Duncan Baird Publisher)

Design Direction Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat @Walhalla

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