Lineup Magazine


Lineup Magazine

As part of the electronic music movement in Switzerland, the magazine evolved his cultural strengthened presence and representation of subcultural groups since 2000. We created a title logo that letters meld into a harmonious typeface, making the title remarkable and unique. Various topics such as art, design, politics and music are published by young editors and each article has his own presence and ample space. Imagery plays a most important role, assuming that pictures would be a universal language, which everyone could understand.

Client Lineup / Date #2000 / Category #Editorial / Design Studio #Walhalla / Designers Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat, Walter Stähli / Photographers Marco Simonetti, Mazzzur, Alex Ishchenko, Bloodua, Diplomedia, Janny Stockphoto, Stockfoto Graf, Dubassy, Imanolqs, diegograndi, sborisov, .shock, mgillert, ALesik, cowardlion ( / Consultants Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat

Design Direction Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat @Walhalla

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