Logo Design for L’Atelier Renault Paris

Renault l'Atelier


Logo Design for L'Atelier Renault Paris

We have worked closely with Renault Paris on this project, as they were an important sparring partner and supporter during the process of transferring the “L’Atelier Renault” identity to the newly built Renault Center at Les Champs-Elysées in Paris. Our team developed a bold and unique brand identity, that helped to emphasize the idea of L’ Atelier by Renault. We created a customized font, which was used as logotype for the identity. The new identity approach was implemented in different communication applications, in particularly the spatial concept at Les Champs-Elyseée.

Client L’Atelier Renault Paris / Date #2001 / Category #Branding / Design Studio #Walhalla / Designers Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat, Walter Stähli Photographers Renault, Ioan Panaite / Consultants Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat

Design Direction Marco Simonetti, Ibrahim Zbat @Walhalla

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