Noviv Brand Design


Brand Design for Noviv

Noviv Mobility distributes the Microlino light electric vehicle in Switzerland and has a partnership with US manufacturer Lucid Motors. Since this February the mobility company has also been an operating and sales partner of the Swiss start-up Loxo, the manufacturer of the first self-driving goods transporter. Noviv Mobility offers trading and services as well as new mobility concepts for the individual mobility sector. The company, which is part of the AMAG Group, commissioned us to design its brand identity.

We developed the corresponding brand design. A dynamic “N” acts as a distinctive design feature, that is used in the logo and as a monogram. The chosen imagery depicts the mobility landscape in urban living spaces, which should offer the innovations distributed by Noviv Mobility an appearance in a lively and not technically tonality. Petrol as the corporate color completes the Noviv’s brand experience.

Client Noviv / Date #2023 / Category #Branding / Branding Agency #Heads / Designers Marco Simonetti, Noah Baumann, Dominique Kaiser, Roman von Arx / Photographers Rawpixel, Patrick Federei, Claudio Schwarz, Micro Mobility Systems / Consultants Sina Frank, Ralph Hermann

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Heads Corporate Branding

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