Posters for Soulengines


Posters for Soulengines

Since 2003, Soulengines is a core platform built on four different design disciplines that summarizes and develops interdisciplinary projects. “Think, Create, Execute” is the substance of the iterative processes, which reflect the following disciplines: Soulengineer is an experimental platform, Soularchitecture reflects touch points of spatial design in everyday life, Komamako supports selected interdisciplinary works in product design, and Autreimages is a collection of exciting photo projects.

Client Soulengines / Date #2003 / Category #Graphics / Design Studio #Soulengineer / Designer Marco Simonetti / 3D Designer Marco Simonetti / Illustrator Marco Simonetti / Photographer Marco Simonetti / Consultant Marco Simonetti

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Soulengineer

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