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Stiftung Buechweid

New Website

In 2005 we created the new brand identity and website for Stiftung Buechweid. Years later the foundation asked us to redesign the outdated website, as the site no longer met the technological and design requirements. We began by redesigning the navigation structure and user experience based on user information gathered during the ideation and development process. The outcome is an identity and website design that ensure a friendly and engaging user experience on the site, where the new navigation helps direct users through the website. A new photography captures children in their everyday life, shot in a natural and spontaneous way.

Client Stiftung Buechweid / Date #2022 / Category #Digital / Branding Agency #Heads / Web Developer Prismalogix / Designer Marco Simonetti / Photographer Günter Bolzern Consultants Ralph Hermann, Natascha Almeida

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Heads Corporate Branding

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