Website for Perikom


Website for Perikom

The website, developed alongside Perikom, uses a WordPress theme with a clear and gridded structure that is easy to view and is very accessible. The clean, simple design allows users to select the right event and easily facilitate the registration and notification process. The entry page shows complete coverage of the events in three categories. The objective of the site was to create a user-driven interface that works well with mobile devices and fulfills the user experience expectations.

Perikom. The association for personnel management and internal communication promotes the exchange of practice and networking between corporate communication and human resources. For effective internal communication, it is imperative that human resources and organizational communication work together closely. Perikom focuses their activities on the direct exchange of knowledge and experience.

Client Perikom / Date #2019 / Category #Digital / Branding Agency #Heads / Web Developer Prismalogix / Designer Marco Simonetti / Photographer Anton Matyukha / Consultant Ralph Hermann

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Heads Corporate Branding

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