Redesign for Prismalogix


Redesign for Prismalogix

We worked with Prismalogix to develop a new brand identity that is reflective of their purpose and business. This new prismatic brand symbol unified the interchange of different technologies in software development. It highlights the different challenges of interactive and collaborative processes and conveys a stable and scalable business that interconnects with technology and clients. The visual language uses layers to connect the multicolored symbols that communicate structure, focused interaction, and expandability. We also developed a website using the pre-defined brand guidelines.

Prismalogix strives to keep up with new technologies to use them as added value for its customers. Prismalogix was founded in Riehen in 2007. Initially, their clients included companies from Basel, and today they work with clients from all over Switzerland and abroad.

Client Prismalogix / Date #2018 / Category #Branding / Design Studio #MarcoMario / Designer Marco Simonetti / Photographer Marco Simonetti, Rawpixel, Matteo Marinelli, Charles, Markus Spiske / Consultant Marco Simonetti

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @MarcoMario

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