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Martin Stiftung

Brand New Website for Martin Stiftung

We started out with intense workshop sessions to recognize specific user requirements. During this phase we involved nearly all target groups in the relaunch process. Their information was essential to develop an intuitive and user-specific experience as well as an appropriate information architecture. For a fast prototyping process, we built the website using Figma, our preferred interface tool. The prototype was then tested and adapted accordingly. During the final phase of the process, we implemented the design using the brand system of the Martin Foundation.

Client Martin Stiftung / Date #2020 / Category #Digital / Branding Agency #Heads / Web Developer Prismalogix / Designer Marco Simonetti / Photographer Torvioll Jashari / Consultants Natascha Almeida, Ralph Hermann

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Heads Corporate Branding

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