Scolaris Brand Identity


Scolaris Brand Identity

Scolaris is a professional school administration and management-solution software. More than 500 schools and educational institutions in Switzerland use Scolaris.

Due to the affinity of Scolaris in the educational sector, we created a logotype that makes the visual identity for the target groups more accessible and friendly. We wanted to bring some humor and sympathy into the design, as we believe that school should be fun and inspiring. With that mentality in mind, we implemented a curved line below the lettering that makes the logotype smile. By extracting ‘ola’ (that’s ‘hello’ in English) and combining the curved line, we obtained a smiling ‘face’, which is used as a short form of the logo. This was a nice coincidence and side effect of the design and name. Our art direction in photography played an important role in developing Scolaris’ imagery, conveying modernity and innovation through architecture and portraiture shots of the educational ecosystem.

Client Scolaris / Date #2020 / Category #Branding / Branding Agency #Heads / Designers Marco Simonetti, Vanessa Schütz, Marco Martoglio, Roman von Arx / Photographers Thomas Jantscher, Eik Frenzel, Filip Dujardin, Roger Frei, Rawpixel / Consultants Simone Raubach, Ralph Hermann

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Heads Corporate Branding

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