Advert for Theatre Play “Morel’s Last Summer”


Morel's Last Summer

Advert for Theatre Play "Morel's Last Summer"

In the play “Morel’s Last Summer,” professional artists created a theatrical barbecue together with an exceptional couple. With sausage and beer, visitors were offered insights into the phenomenon of gardening. The event takes place in the family gardens of Pfingstweid on the idyllic plot of the retired couple Morel. After the show, this area in Zurich West will give way to an urban park. The Morel ad campaign shows an image, a metaphor for destruction and resignation, reflecting times long past.

Client Morel / Date #2012 / Category #Graphics / Branding Agency #Heads / Designers Marco Simonetti, Pablo Burkhalter / Photographer Sabine Scheckel Consultants Ralph Hermann, Nadia Francioso

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Heads Corporate Branding

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