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Demo Reel

When we started thinking about our demo reel, we knew we had to develop something unconventional to be true to our character as a company. We started to create a storyline to plan all further actions. We had to squeeze a maximum amount of our data from decades of design projects in the demo reel that does not exceed 60 seconds. We seriously started asking ourselves what is the purpose of a reel and what is the viewer going to feel when showing an amazing reel. The goal was to create something fast while giving them an absolutely breath-taking experience. We used After Effects for our animation effects and we edited our reel with Final Cut. A right sound is an essential component for the reel. After doing some research we found an amazing track that was affordable.

With an unmistakable design derived from the brand strategy, Heads helps companies achieve a differentiated brand image – both online and off. The focus is on the reduction to the essentials and on high practicality. Heads Corporate Branding is an award-winning branding agency based in Zurich. With corporate branding, Heads pursues a theoretically sound and holistic approach to brand management. Heads excels in brand strategy, internal and external brand management, corporate culture, digital branding, brand communication, brand design, and brand experience.

Client Heads / Date #2018 / Category #Motion / Branding Agency #Heads / Designers Marco Simonetti, Marco Martoglio / Film Producer Heads / Film Director Marco Simonetti / Film Editor Marco Simonetti, Marco Martoglio / Video Producer jag_cz, kellyreekolibry, alexeynovikov, AMAG, Porsche, Addictive Films, NCCR, DFAB, Beck & Friends,  / Photographers Adi + Alex, Swiss Photo Award, Marco Simonetti, Martin Stiftung, Ursula Meisser, Meinrad Schade, Frank Brüderli, W.C. Johnston, Tobias K, Renelo / Consultant Ralph Hermann

Design Direction Marco Simonetti @Heads Corporate Branding

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